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  • Developer: tinyBuild
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  • Updated Date: September 20, 2021
  • Version: 1.2
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Action Adventure Stealth Survival Horror



Secret Neighbor is an exciting multiplayer social horror game that takes place in the Neighbor's ever-changing house. Developed as a spin-off of Hello Neighbor, this game adds a unique twist by introducing a multiplayer element, making it a thrilling and suspenseful experience for players.

How to play: 

In Secret Neighbor, players assume the roles of children who are trying to rescue their friend trapped in the Neighbor's basement. However, one of the players secretly plays as the Neighbor, whose goal is to stop the children from discovering the truth.

The gameplay revolves around teamwork and communication. Players must work together to solve puzzles, unlock new areas of the house, and find keys to access the basement. However, caution is necessary, as the Neighbor is always watching and ready to catch the unsuspecting children.

Each child character has unique abilities, which can be used strategically to outsmart the Neighbor. Cooperation and coordination are crucial for success, as players must devise plans to distract the Neighbor and coordinate their actions to achieve their common goal.

Game Review: 

Secret Neighbor provides an immersive and tense gaming experience. The atmospheric setting of the ever-changing house creates a sense of unease and suspense, keeping players on their toes throughout the game. The visual design and sound effects contribute to the game's overall creepy atmosphere, enhancing the feeling of being in a suspenseful horror movie.

The multiplayer aspect of Secret Neighbor adds an element of unpredictability and excitement. The inclusion of a player-controlled Neighbor introduces an element of deception and strategy, as players must constantly be on the lookout for suspicious behavior from their fellow players. This dynamic creates intense moments of suspense and suspicion, making each playthrough unique and thrilling.

The game's puzzles are well-designed and require teamwork to solve. Players must communicate and share information to progress through the house and ultimately rescue their trapped friend. The cooperative nature of the gameplay fosters a sense of camaraderie among players, as they work together to overcome challenges and outwit the Neighbor.

One aspect that could be improved is the game's learning curve. New players may find it challenging to understand the mechanics and strategies initially, which can lead to frustration. However, with time and experience, players can develop effective strategies and improve their chances of success.

In conclusion, Secret Neighbor delivers an engaging multiplayer horror experience, combining teamwork, strategy, and suspense. The game's unique concept and immersive atmosphere make it a thrilling choice for fans of social horror games. Prepare to uncover the secrets lurking within the Neighbor's house and work together to overcome the challenges in Secret Neighbor.

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